view from my bed.

this is what i saw yesterday. i was sitting in bed trying so hard to write a paper. bleh. and i opened the curtains and shabam! there was a beautiful rainbow peeking its lovely arched rays out of the clouds. i took it as a sign, stopped “writing” my paper, made dinner, and met lauren and her visiting friends downtown. thank you mr. rainbow.

and this morning, i woke up earlier than i wanted to because i was too hot. now this never happens. it’s always a struggle for me to get out of my bed and step on the ice cold floors. but today i opened up the curtains, and waaala! of course i was warm. look at this lovely day.

so you see all that lush green grass? i am taking my cheesy murder mystery novel, a blanket, and a bottle of water and i am going to go lay in the grass. and read. and soak up this beautiful weather. because just yesterday i was freezing my kaboose off. but today, ireland is giving us a break. thank you sweet, sweet ireland. i’ll meet you outside in 5.

if you’re lucky enough to see a rainbow in ireland, you’re lucky enough


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