whatever you are doing…

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i sometimes get a little caught up in exactly what i’m doing and what i’m experiencing while studying abroad. there can be so much pressure to “have the time of your life” while studying abroad. because really, that’s what everyone always tells me to do.

anytime i mentioned that i was studying abroad people would squeal “oooooh! you’ll have so much fun!” or “those were the best days of my life!” and don’t get me wrong, that is mighty encouraging when you are deciding to put your serious life on hold (i.e. school, work, ect) and venture off to a new country.

but i decided today that everyone’s definition of an amazing experience is different. and do not for one second get me wrong, i love my life right now and i cannot thank ireland enough for showing me such a great time. but from here on i don’t want to worry about squeezing every ounce of “must see, must do, must go here” into my experience. i am grateful that i’m in ireland and i am grateful that i’ve already seen as much as i have. but now i’m just going to enjoy what comes my way and not force myself to “have the best time of my life.”

because in all reality, i’m pretty sure i already am.

if you’re lucky enough to study abroad, you’re lucky enough

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