lessons learned…

i believe that i have decently documented the blast that i am having studying abroad in galway, ireland. i’ve blogged about the sailing trip i went on, my 21st birthday, my trip to scotland, to paris, and rag week.

but something that i’ve yet to blog about are the lessons that i have learned thus far in ireland.

a few weeks ago, when we went on the sailing trip to kenmare, i blogged about stopping in the tiny town of sneem. the reason that i went to sneem was because one of the irish sailors, hetty wanted to stop in and see her auntie. we drove a good 30 minutes out of kenmare, where we were staying, along windy roads to get to sneem. the views were breathtaking and the weather was goregous. as hetty pulled to stop, i was ecstatic to be out in the fresh air. we walked up hetty’s auntie’s driveway and knocked on the door.

but no one was there. “we’ll go explore and come back,” said hetty. so off we went. we walked through the town, we climbed on rocks, and we enjoyed a new irish scenery. there we were, a group of two irish and three americans wandering around a quite, tiny town. we walked through a maze that was up to our belly buttons. we read signs about the local birds. we peeped into the windows of closed shops. i took photos of the glistening streams. hetty bounced on top of large, wet rocks in the river.

roughly an hour later, we wandered back towards her aunties house. this time when hetty knocked, her auntie’s husband answered. he let us know that her auntie was out of town for the day, she wouldn’t be back at all.

immediately i thought to myself, had hetty not called her aunt before coming to visit? why didn’t she plan this? why did we drive 30 min each way to see an auntie that wasn’t even in town?

but hetty just smiled, shrugged her shoulders and off we skipped again back towards her car. and then were headed back to kenmare. i was taken aback a little. the carefree, oh well attitude is something that i am  sometimes lacking. i’m really go with the flow in some ways and the rumors you hear about california being laid back are true, but not compared to the irish. it didn’t hurt my day in any way that hetty’s auntie wasn’t home. we had fun, i saw an amazingly precious town, and it was an experience. so yes, i’d call myself someone who goes with the flow but i absolutely have room to be even more carefree.

lesson number one learned in ireland: life is too short to plan, life is too short to get upset when your plans don’t go as expected, and life is too short to waste time being annoyed. in other words, i strongly believe that the majority of ireland completely embodies the lifestyle hakuna matata— it means no worries. and i strongly believe that i too need to adopt this mantra.

if you’re lucky enough to realize a lesson learned, you’re lucky enough


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