nuig rag week 2011, oh what a week

“lizzie this is the most important week in our lives. you wanted to come to ireland to experience irish culture, this is it,” elaine my irish roommate said to me when i told her i was too tired to go out one night during rag week.

rag week was absolutely insane. i’m happy to say that i survived it and that i was able to record a bit of it. i also managed to stay out of any trouble, but i did get to watch a lot of it take place. on the first day, monday, students put a large trash can in the middle of a courtyard and everyone started chucking empty beer bottles, alcohol bottles, and cans hoping to make it in. i’d say about 10% of all bottles and cans thrown actually made it to the trashcan.

we were also extremely proud when we found out that we made the galway newspaper. now, if you do read the article please keep in mind that we all believe they exaggerated quite a bit. and none of us were the ones to get arrested.

monday was handsdown the craziest day and night we saw. the rest of the week was lively but monday was one for the books. we had a fun week but a functioning week. it was quite an experience to live through and i’m happy that we can say we did.

if you’re lucky enough to be at nuig for rag week, you’re lucky enough



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