sincere apologies….

another mini taste of my paris excursions

i know i have been slacking in blog world lately, but i swear i have had good reason. first of all it was rag week this past week, second of all the weather has been mind blowingly breathtaking, and third of all… i did not finish my papers before going to paris. i know procrastination at its finest. but don’t you worry, i finished them today and am about to head out the door and turn them in.

here are a few promises from me: this week…

  1. i will put a recap of my paris trip up
  2. i will let you all know how rag week went
  3. i’ll be putting photos of connemara up as well, considering i’m going on a trip there tomorrow morning!
  4. i’ll try and answer a few more of your questions

happy friday everyone. xo

if you’re lucky enough to be too busy to blog, you’re lucky enough


One thought on “sincere apologies….

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