locked up, they won’t let me out…

i’ve been locked up with the laptop, trying so very hard to write three papers. two of them are due on the friday of rag week, 4 march. and the last one is due the following week. so in terms of priority, the third one has already been shelved. my goal is to have the two that are due on 4 march completed by the time i leave for paris. which is this friday! which is tomorrow!

one of them is for my history of the two irelands class. the prompt is really vague and i’m struggling. the second one is for my class about the tudor conquest of ireland. ugh. thankfully, i have an irish friend alanna in my two irelands class and she’s been a big help. but i swear, i’ve haven’t had to write history essays ever. and i haven’t really written a long research paper since high school.

ask me questions about revenue management- no problem. ask me to give an oral presentation outlining new business strategies- done. but ask me to write a 2,000 word paper on a historical subject- um? what?

so what to do when it’s just you, your laptop, old history books, and the internet? well remember the myspace survey days? my thoughts exactly…

1. your phone?
missing you my lovely iphone. she is here with me in ireland but she’s set on airplane mode so that i do not incur outrageous, roaming, international fees.

2. your hair?
virgin. never dyed, never permed, never chemically straightened. however, i have been considering doing a little something new to it. but i go through these phases every once in awhile and never really follow through. i prefer it curly but of course it’s naturally straight.

3. your mother?
beautiful. sweet. missed.

4. your father?
funny. smart. missed.

5. your favorite food?
oiy. this is never really constant, but right now i’m missing spicy food something fierce. so i’d say mexican. i’d pay a large sum for my lovely didi’s homemade tortilla soup, a huge california burrito, and a platter of chicken, carne asada, and fish tacos. thank the sweet lord my mom brought me two bottles of tapatio though, i’ve been able to add a little spice to everything. thanks again mom.

6. your favorite drink?
water. i am also enjoying the tea in ireland. but more than anything, a nice glass of h2O.

7. your dreams and goals?
so many of them. work in a hotel internationally (ireland this summer maybe?). write a book. be happy. travel everywhere.

8. your hobby?
hmm, life? is that a hobby?

9. your fear?

10. you are…?
happy. optimistic. obsessed with good quotes.

11. you are not…?
an excuse giver. a complainer (or so i hope? if you hear me complaining feel free to slap my wrist). a neat freak.

12. your family?
is not perfect but is without question, the best family a gal could have.

13. your mood?

14. your favorite color?
to wear- usually black, so chic right? but to see- coral and turquoise make my heart happy.

15. your best friend?
i have so many. and i adore them all. and they are now scattered across the world.

16. your guilty pleasure?
stupid, crappy tv. i love watching keeping up with the kardashians, the bachelor, teen mom, the jersey shore.. you get the idea. but i justify it by telling myself i am educating myself on how not to act, who not to be, and i’m gaining a better understanding of our insane society.

17. your future in 10 years?
hopefully bright. and full of smiles.

thank you for letting me entertain myself… now i suppose it’s time to return to the books.

if you’re lucky enough to have fun distractions, you’re lucky enough



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