how sweet it is to have visitors like you

what a weekend. my parents arrived in galway friday evening and left for london early monday morning.

the poor things were pretty tired on friday when the first arrived. they had been traveling since midnight ireland time and didn’t get into galway until about 8pm galway time. that’s a whole lot of traveling. but they didn’t let a little jet lag phase them. i met them at their hotel, the meyrick hotel, and we went out on the town. well really, we just had dinner and a few pints before they crashed. but regardless, the food was amazing and it was a great chance to catch up.

on saturday we all slept in a bit and didn’t get together until about 11.30am. the weather was gorgeous and we spent the afternoon walking around downtown galway, down by the bay, and eating at one of my favorite bakerys- griffins.

we attempted to have an afternoon cup of tea at the tea room i was itching to take them too. unfortunately, the rest of galway must have had the same idea because the place was packed. so instead, we opted for a different type of drink. and then began the pub crawl. from 4pm until 1.30am we ventured to some of the best pubs in galway for irish music. we ended the night in the crane bar and spent at least 4 hours there listening to an amazing irish session.

and sunday we somehow woke up early and headed off to a tour of connemara. lauren was too sick all weekend to go with us and lucy was out of town, but rachel joined us for the tour. the weather wasn’t as cooperative but even rain couldn’t hide the beauty that is connemara. we went with a fabulous tour company, galway tour company. we were able to visit kylemore abby and cong, and we saw a bundle of waterfalls, lakes, and breathtaking scenery.

the only downfall of the weekend was the speed at which it passed us. i’m hoping the rents will make it to ireland again while i’m here, especially if i end up staying for the entire summer. and chances are good that at least my dad will return seeing as his company is in both america and ireland.

this week is jammed packed with the boring stuff: laundry, school, and essay writing. but it’ll all be worth it. this weekend i’m off to paris and the following week is nuig’s rag week. i will explain rag week in more detail eventually, but in a quick summary it’s an insane week of all day, all night partying celebrated by the entire university.

i hope your weekend was as fun as mine and i hope your week is much more fun than mine.

if you’re lucky enough to have lovely parents, you’re lucky enough



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