meet this blogger monday

i like the idea of weekly posts. you know, music monday, follow friday, ect. will i really keep them up? who knows. but anyways, my roomie lucy introduced me to this blog and i absolutely adore it. so welcome to meet this blogger monday:

i’m pretty sure i want my future husband to be exactly like him: hilarious, goofy, but still sweet.

in other news, i have temporarily misplaced my camera cord so my weekend update is going to be delayed until said cord has been found. i’m 99% sure it is just shuffled among the pile of clothes on my floor or has fallen behind my bed. but if the search becomes more serious, there will be a reward offered to anyone who saves my lovely cord.

and in related, other news i’m considering buying myself (with a wee bit of appreciated birthday present help from the parents) a nice, new camera. lucy uses the canon rebel t1i as does one of my favorite bloggers melissa from dear baby. but of course, i’m thinking i may as well pay a little bit more and get the latest and greatest canon rebel t3i. it weighs about .5lbs less (or something like that) and just looks so nifty.

i used slr cameras all throughout high school for the newspaper- yes, i was the editor in chief of our high school paper thank you very much. but it’s 1. been awhile and 2. we used olympus cameras and i was only introduced to canon my last semester. and very strangely, they don’t appear to sell the rebel addition of canon in europe? but i’m considering ordering the camera to my parents’ house and paying them to ship it to me. decisions decisions. but think about how lovely ze blog would look with a fancy camera! i’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

if you’re lucky enough to find new blogs, you’re lucky enough


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