birthday bliss

oh birthdays birthdays. i love birthdays. we have had a ton of birthdays since we’ve been here. there was of course my 21st, then our good friend katie’s 21st, and then lauren’s 21st! we actually had at least 3 more 21st birthdays sprinkled in there as well of people that i haven’t blogged about much. surprisingly, 21st birthdays are actually a huge deal in ireland. the legal drinking age is 18, but my irish roommie elaine said that when you turn 21 it’s a big deal because you are officially an adult. eeek. i don’t know if i like the sound of that. i think i’ll forever have the attitude and personality of a 5 year old, but now a legal drunk 5 year old.

katie’s birthday was on valentines day. so we went out on sunday night to a club in galway called karma. it was really fun but a little bit slow. we were actually the first people to start dancing. but she had a blast and that’s really all that matters. monday we had a party for her in one of the apartments. we got seperated downtown but me, lauren, rachel, elaine, and alanna went to a new club called carbon. it was one of my favorite nights out actually. we danced the entire night. my legs were honestly sore when i woke up on tuesday. tuesday we attempted to go and sing karaoke.. unfortantely we didn’t make it out of the apartment until after 11pm, and they had already closed their doors. so we did a mini crawl, hitting up a few of our favorite pubs. and wednesday! lauren’s actual 21st. we had an amazing lil house party. lucy, rachel, and i decorated the place to a t. we had streamers, posters, banners, and balloons. and the best thing was jungle juice. we had two bottles of vodka, 6 tall cans of berry bulmers, a 1/4 bottle of paddy’s whiskey, and a whole lot of juice. it was really fun and the only thing lauren really asked for for her big day.

we played beer pong (or ruit as east coasters call it? so strange for me), flip cup, and the mustache game.

and once we had finished off the jungle juice, we made out way downtown to club carbon to celebrate our wonderful lauren’s birthday.

and the night was an absolute success. i even have two priceless photos to prove it:

i was running around the house once we got home, and i barged into our room to find lil ol’ lucy asleep at her desk. ha. i adore this photo so much.

and lauren fell asleep on top of her covers. so we made a blanket for her out of her own clothes.

we had a crazy fun week. and guess what? this weekend.. no today!. my parents are coming to galway. my dad has a work conference in london next week, so they decided to pop on over to galway. i cannot wait. the weather isn’t at its best form today, but i have high hopes for tomorrow. life is pretty good on this side of the pond. but i hope all of you on the other side are enjoying your weekends too.

if you’re lucky enough to celebrate your 21st birthday in ireland, you’re lucky enough


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