friday is pretty inspiring on its own, but…

one of my most beloved feelings is inspiration. i love to be inspired. so this lovely friday, i’d like to share with you a few people, blogs, and songs that are inspiring me the most right now.

1. bleubird vintage. my cousin’s blog is one of my absolute favorite blogs. she is so honest about life and shares so many details that i’d normally miss living so far away from her. i adore her lil family and feel closer to them just by reading her blog. if you’re looking to follow a new blog, although i’m sure many of you already follow her, check it out.

2. aron ralston. if you haven’t seen or heard about the movie 127 hours, you are seriously missing out. a few weeks ago on a rainy, lazy day in ireland a few of us went to see it. and while it is slightly graphic and slightly queeze inducing, it’s an incredible story. aron is a mountain climber who gained fame when in 2003 he was forced to cut off his own arm after it became stuck in a boulder. now whenever i’m feeling tired, cold, or just grumpy for any reason, i try to think about aron ralston and how i am a pretty lucky gal. photo via.

3. i will survive- cake. this is one of my favorite covers ever. when my best friend was heartbroken in high school, her mom showed her this song. then when i was heartbroken, she played it for me. i’m not heartbroken in the slightest right now, but it still just pumps me up and makes me feel like i can get through anything.

if you’re lucky enough to feel inspired, you’re lucky enough



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