this photo is proof that i’m thinking about you all and sending lots of international love!


and as promised, i am going to continue to answer questions about study abroad, me, and life in general

a question i’ve been asked more than anything is…

q: what do you miss?

a: i do miss my family. i miss them a whole lot. but the unfortunate truth is that i’m very much use to missing them. i’ve written about it before, but my family is very spread out. my sister lives in australia, my brother is currently in afghanistan, my sister in law and baby nephews live in tennessee, and my parents live in northern california. and my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are spread out all over the states. so while i do miss them, it’s not unbearable because i’ve trained my heart to love them from afar.

i really miss my friends and i am always thinking about how much fun we could all have together here in ireland. but i know they are having a blast at college and it’s easy to remind myself that i will see them again.

and i miss my job and coworkers. thank the lord for email and facebook, because i’ve been able to stay in touch with them but it’s still strange to go from seeing their wonderful faces everyday to not.

and mexican food. oh spicy, spicy mexican food. i miss mexican food something fierce. i miss fajitas, tacos, burrito bowls from chipotle, and i miss pouring tapatio on everything.

but, to be completely honest and completely cheesy, i do not miss anything enough that i wish i was anywhere but here. i’m having a great time and i’m so excited that i still have months left to enjoy ireland. it’s a great feeling to have people (and food) at home that you miss, but it’s an even better feeling to be happy with where you are.

if you’re lucky enough to have someone or something to miss, you’re lucky enough



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