food. nom nom nom.

i’m not sure who said it or why they said it, but a lot of people think the food in ireland is, well shiet. well, as someone who has spent nearly a month in ireland, i would like to dispute this statement.

i am enjoying the food. i wouldn’t say it’s especially fancy or gourmet, but if you love soup, sandwiches, fish, chips (formally known as fries), and potatoes- your tummy will be happy here. it’s harder to eat healthy  (or at least how i’ve learned healthy to be. low carb, little red meat) in some ways. however, we’ve all noticed that everything tastes a bit fresher. and the lack of preservatives and chemicals in absolutely mind blowing. our bread goes moldy in days and even when we eat less healthy food, we don’t feel as sick as we would in the states.

my favorite foods/drinks in ireland include the following:

vegetable soup: now it’s never really the same at any restaurant and i’ve even noticed it’s not the same two days in a row at the same pub. however, it’s always amazing. and when served with brown bread, oowweee. brown bread is THE best bread in the entire world of breads. honestly.

fish & chips: a little bit pricey and a lot bit greasy, but always yummy. within the first week in galway, me and the girls went straight to the famous mc donagh’s for fish and chips.

tea: after having to work at 6.30am regularly for the past year, i got a wee bit addicted to coffee. now i’m still trying to force myself to grab a cup of tea rather than coffee here in ireland but every time i do, i’m so happy. the tea is amazing. and it’s a normal practice to stop in somewhere for a cup of tea and a chat.

potatoes mash: mashed potatoes. yumm. i’ve been a fan of mashed potatoes since my lil leprechaun grandma introduced them to me as a tiny baby. it’s really fun to order them now because they look so fun like an ice-cream sundae sans toppings. i do miss having gravy on them, but they’re still so good.

irish stew: in my attempt to broaden my taste buds’ horizon, i ordered irish stew one time recently while on our east co. clare trip. and i was surprised by how much i enjoyed. i’m not normally a fan of dark meat but the stew was absolutely amazing. it also feels like one of the more traditional irish meals i’ve had.

supermacs: smacks! smacks! supermacs! after long nights out, everyone’s favorite destination is supermacs. my irish friend allanna even told me it’s called club smacks. supermacs is similar to mcdonalds but so much better. their burgers are a thousand times juicier and their chips (fries) are thicker and more heavenly. now, i’ve yet to eat supermacs during the day time or without a few pints in me… and honestly i don’t plan to. nothing ends a fun night out better than a stop at supermacs. however, we are all trying to cut back. my name is lizzie and i haven’t eaten supermacs in 6 days.

now unfortunately, me and the girls don’t have money to spend on eating out every meal. but we’ve had a good time grocery shopping and cooking together as well. we’ve made a few family meals thus far.

we had “taco tuesday” which included guacamole made by rachel, salsa, chips, and delicious quesadillas.

we also attended an api sponsored cooking class by kate’s cookery. she showed us how to make vegetable soup (thank you kate!), fish pie, and an apple tart. it was so fun to watch her cook and even more fun to get to eat the finished product.

it’s really easy to call yourself “a picky-eater” and it’s really easy to put your nose up at food you wouldn’t normally eat. but what’s the point? i use to be very choosy and very “oh no, i hate that!” when it came to food that i wouldn’t normally consume. but after working at resort with a fine dining restaurant and now traveling through europe, i’ve realized it’s a waste. just as my eyes are soaking up the new views, my taste buds deserve to do the same with new food. if you’re one of the people that justify their unadventurous appetites on being a “picky eater,” i dare you to try something new. even if it’s ordering your eggs a different way than you normally do, try living life on the edge.

if you’re lucky enough to try new foods, you’re lucky enough



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