kenmare, sneem, and alcohol

i had a brilliant, lovely, crazy, absurd weekend. there were a ton of ups and downs. at first, rachel’s ride was canceled and we thought she wasn’t going to make it. then literally last minute, we found her a ride. i got insanely car sick on the way there. lucy’s credit card was canceled on saturday morning.

but, more than anything we had an awesome time. we went with the nuig sailing club to a race in kenmare. as the captain aidan put it, “you’ll get to see the beautiful, irish countryside but it won’t be boring because there will be a ton of irish students there.” and it was absolutely gorgeous and not boring in the slightest.

friday night everyone from nuig went out to a pub and danced the night away. saturday morning we all went to the sailing club. a majority of us weren’t sailing but we sat in the cold, cold weather and watched them race.

my favorite part was that hetty, my ride, wanted to visit her auntie in a nearby town called sneem. i was freezing cold and loved the idea of getting into a car, regardless of the fact that i knew i was going to get carsick. so me, lucy, our fellow api friend eric, and an irish boy frank accompanied hetty to sneem. it just so happens that we had to drive the ring of kerry to get to sneem. the views were magestic. and the best part was we weren’t on a big tour bus, we were with locals.

sneem itself was my favorite part of the weekend. it is a quaint town with beautifully colored buildings and lush green hills and bubbling waters. i was kicking myself because i didn’t bring my camera. however, i did snap a few photos on my phone.

then there was saturday night. oh saturday night. the theme for this particular regatta was burlesque and romanesque. for the most part, everyone was dressed fabulously. i was nervous all day because they kept talking about our initiation into the club, and if you haven’t heard– the irish can drink. i’m lucky to report that we all survived initiation. i’m embarrassed to report that i think i may have enjoyed it. the night was just too fun. we started first having a house party in the one of the boys’ rental houses. i learned a few great new drinking games. then everyone went to a pub that eventually turned into a club.

drinking games learned and loved:

buffalo: everyone must drink with their non-writing hand. for example: i am right handed. so i must ALWAYS drink with my left hand. if anyone catches me drinking with my right hand they scream BUFFALO! and i am forced to down my entire drink.

m-i-n-e: if you ever say the word “mine” you must immediatley drop and do 10 push-ups. they tried to enforce this rule all day everyday, but i only noticed it really come into effect while drinking. the easiest way to get people is to say “who’s drink is that?” —- “mine!” and then the push-ups commence.

random object: if someone hands you a random object and you accept, you must carry that object all night until you can get someone else to hold the object. i had to hold a diet coke for a good hour. then i wised up, tried to act innocent and american, and passed it off to a drunk irish boy.

i’m in such a tried, exhausted haze right now that i’m sure i’m leaving something great out. but for now, i’m going to go to sleep and try to catch up on the zzzzzzzz i missed this weekend. because while yes, the irish drink, i love that they don’t waste their days being hungover.

if you’re lucky enough to spend a weekend surrounded by irish sailors, you’re lucky enough


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