east co. claire- part ii

now where did i leave off? oh yes, the group and i were headed up to the cliffs of moher. now i am certain that i told you before, but if you haven’t already added visit the cliffs of moher to your bucket list, please take a moment to pencil them in.

i wish i could bring you all to the cliffs. because even though a picture is worth a thousand words, the cliffs of moher deserve at least a billion words.

i have said it a million and one times, but i feel so lucky. in the middle of january, we had the absolute perfect weather. not only were the skies clear, but the sun was shining and the water was glistening. here are a few photos to show you exactly how lucky we were this saturday. i went to the cliffs of moher with my family and best friend didi in june of 2008 and the weather was terrible. we couldn’t see past the fog. yet here we were, in JANUARY, with a beautiful day.

in fact, it was so sunny that we had a really hard time posing for photos. i could barely keep my eyes open because the sun was shining so brightly. our tour guide, paul, told us that it rains 280 days out of the year at the cliffs. so i’m elated to have the picture below.

not many people can get such an embarrassing photo since not many people visit the cliffs when the sun is out. our journey continued over a few more stops, but i think i’ll leave you with the cliffs. they were the absolute highlight of my day and deserve their own post.

if you’re lucky enough to visit the cliffs of moher, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “east co. claire- part ii

  1. awesome! there is no better artist in the world than God Himself…

    if you are lucky enough to have lucky lizzie share her moments and pics of the cliffs of moher, you’re lucky enough

    auntie sid


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