a little dash of inspiration…

i’ve been madly obsessed with brent jordan for awhile now. his voice is deep and mellow and so soothing. he is also a great song writer.

when i was getting ready to study abroad and mentally preparing to leave san diego, leave my job, and leave my little but content life, i listened to this song over and over.

now sometimes when i walk through galway i put one headphone in and let brent’s cds be the soundtrack to my adventures through ireland.

i also found his wife’s blog, dearbabyblog.com, after finding his music. and she is a bundle of inspiration as well. she writes beautifully and really enjoys life. and while our lives are nothing alike- she’s married with a gorgeous baby girl and a baby boy on the way- i am still so interested in everything she has to share.

so if you are looking for a new amazing artist to listen to or a great blogger to follow, please listen to brent and read about melissa.

if you’re lucky enough to find inspiration in other people’s passions, you’re lucky enough



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