21st birthday in ireland… complete success

yesterday, jan. 20, i turned 21! i had the absolute best birthday with the best new friends in the best city. woo- that’s a whole lot of excitement. but really, it was great.

wednesday night, jan. 19, me and the girls (lucy, lauren, and rachel) went out with our irish roommate elaine and two of her irish friends. we all went to the front door at first. the front door is a pub but it’s much more clubbish than any other pub. it’s always jam packed with young people and everyone just constantly dances. we stayed there a little bit past midnight and then headed to our favorite pub, the quays.

and it was fate. my favorite irish cover band, fyc, was playing. my friends went up to them and requested that they play a song for me and say happy birthday. then, they told the boy i absolutely love to give me a hug and kiss and say happy birthday. and guess what? he did. i still get a little giddy when i think about it. step one towards marrying cute boy in band: have your friends force him to hug you. i think i am definitely making progress.

and then there was thursday. the day of all days. my 21st birthday! we woke up a little bit late after our long wednesday night and lucy and i spent the afternoon walking around downtown and getting last minute items for our outfits. then, when i returned home, i was pleasantly surprised to find my room decorated with an abundance of streamers, 21st birthday flags, balloons, and handwritten signs. i also had flowers delivered from the wonderful mom and dad.

my night was amazing. lucy also surprised me with a cake and candles, champagne, and she even made me pasta while i finished doing my hair. we went out earlier than in previous nights and got ourselves a great table at our pub- the quays. a ton of our friends came to the quays throughout the night and i felt like i got to see everyone that i would have wanted to.

while being away from all my friends and family at home on my birthday could have been a sad thing, i’ve got the greatest new friends in ireland. i owe those girls a lot, they made my night so special. thank you lucy, lauren, and rachel! and thank you ireland, we love you.

if you’re lucky enough to spend your birthday in ireland, you’re lucky enough

4 thoughts on “21st birthday in ireland… complete success

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