beauty is galway

i am fairly certain that when beauty was defined in the english language, someone was sitting on a small bench by the galway bay. it is only 5.30pm in galway, ireland and i already feel like i had one of the best days here. i did two things that i would not normally do today, and it feels amazing.

  • sleep. sleep is very important to me. my cousin eric refers to me as dragon in the morning and my san diego roommates were very annoyed with my need for a nice 8 hour snooze per evening. in ireland, our schedules are so flopped around because we will stay out very late, usually 3-4am. and of course sleep in. but last night we stayed in so that we could sleep early and wake up early for class and exploring. unfortunately, since we were use to going to sleep so late, it wasn’t easy to fall asleep. i ended up only getting 5ish hours of sleep last night (for me, this is very LITTLE). after i got out of class i so badly wanted to run back home and nap. but then, i walked out of the building and the sun was shining. the grass was lookin’ especially green. and the water was glistening. so i didn’t go nap. i took my camera and i explored the beautiful town that is galway.

  • being alone. my friends and family will vouch for me– i’m not a fan of being alone. if life was perfect, i’d be constantly surrounded by people. unless i’m sleeping, i would prefer to be with someone. today, my friends were either in class or busy with other things. but i saw the sun, the grass, and the water and i decided to go for it. i spent nearly 2 hours walking around the bay and enjoying everything that i’m surrounded by. then i took a seat on a bench and wrote a few postcards to some of my loves in san diego.

i don’t know what i did to deserve this life i’m livin’. but regardless, i’m grateful to be where i am.

if you’re lucky enough to see the galway bay, you’re lucky enough


3 thoughts on “beauty is galway

  1. ah, lizzie dear, you are so very lucky that you are the lizzie that you are, and how lucky I am to know the miss lucky lizzie in this very lucky world….

    enjoyed your pics – very struck by the houses as they appear to be made of colored cardboard set up within the real landscape. and these houses, are they connected to each other. glad that you found yourself lucky this day even though it lacked in people to be around – you found yourself lucky in your surroundings and the alone time with lucky lizzie.

    love ya – aunt sid (your fav)

    • oh sid. i just love you to pieces.

      i am honestly not sure if the houses connect, but i think so. i’ll try to investigate a little more and get back to ya.

      i miss you so much already. i think i’m going to have to visit south dakota when i get back to the u.s.

      if you’re lucky enough to have an aunt sid, you’re lucky enough!

  2. Lizzie! I am so happy for you! and thank you for sharing your happiness with everyone! I love reading and looking at your pictures! Big smiles :)


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