greatness that is galway

i apologize for my lack of posting lately, but i’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that i’ve been having too much fun to sit down and blog. and rather than spew off a list of my daily activities from the past few days, i think i will try to show you in photos, the greatness that is galway, ireland.

we live a 2o minute walk away from the main downtown area of galway. and i would proudly like to report that we walk downtown almost every single time we go out. there have only been one or two rare occasions where we took a taxi to the pubs (for example, we went out with our irish roommate–so fun!– and the irish girls never walk so clearly we did as the irish do).

again, on one of our lovely, rainy walks into down at night. it’s so different here when it comes to alcohol in public. you are allowed (or so we’ve been told) to walk with alcohol in public but you are not allowed into a pub with alcohol or out of a pub with alcohol.

one night we all wanted to play card games but we didn’t have cards. and so, home-made playing cards were created by yours truly. it took at least 15 minutes to make them, but it was well worth it.

and to those of you that have heard irish food is terrible… well isn’t! i love the soup here. so far it seems like vegetable is the soup of the day everywhere, but it’s pretty darn good. and the brown bread, mmhh. yum.

hot chocolate. the perfect fix to a freezing day.

lucy told me i had to look “really really happy” next to my beautiful hot chocolate. mission accomplished.

lauren tried out a drink we were hoping would be pretty fabulous. in the end, we loved the name but not the drink.

the four of us are great at having a good time. here rachel and lucy are rocking out to my absolute favorite local band of the moment: f.y.c. (which both hilariously and unfortunately stands for f your couch).

and this is my favorite singer in the band. i think i believe in love at first sight because of him. we’ve seen them play three times now. and i would love to call myself a groupie, but to be a groupie i’m pretty sure you have to actually talk to the band. i’ll keep you all updated as to whether or not we fall in love and get married.

now i love my beer, but after many nights of going out and drinking pint after pint, bulmers has become my new best friend. it’s so light and fruity and really good. i’ve tried cider at bj’s restaurant and brewery in san diego before, but bulmers is just amazing. i prefer mixed berry, but pear is good as well.

in conclusion, i am having a blast. galway is young and fun and there is always someone new to meet and something interesting to see. my housemates and i are planning to calm down a little bit with our excessive desire to go out and start focusing on traveling. but we have time. i’m trying not to rush anything and not stress about what i want to get done. tonight while we were eating dinner, we all chatted about our main goals for our stay here in ireland and they were all pretty in line with one another.

this week is going to be filled with excitement and i cannot wait. tomorrow we are attending an irish cooking class, thursday is my 21st birthday, and this weekend we are going to take a day tour of east co. clare to see castles and caves. as my grandpa always says, life is goodly.

if you’re lucky enough to be having too much fun to blog, you’re lucky enough


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