i’ve been in galway for exactly one week now. and i’m very pleased to announce that i have yet to feel homesick (no offense parents, take it as a compliment that you’ve raised me to be this way). and i feel very lucky to have met the people that i’ve surrounded myself with. i completely believe that happiness is a choice and that positivity is a decision, so i make a conscious effort to enjoy life. now that being said, i do have one issue that is worthy of discussing…

water. i both hate and love the water situation here in ireland. i have a big issue with the lack of warm water here. i don’t think it’s completely universal, but my apartment has been struck by the cold water syndrome. we’ve had a terribly difficult time getting warm water. and when you are cold pretty much all the time, it sounds so appealing to jump into a warm shower. me and my housemates have had to take an ungodly number of ice cold showers– i’m talking brain-freeze cold. we emailed our complex manager and she has tried to fix it a few times. she also explained that we needed to set the water heater to the time we want to take warm showers. however everyone else we know in the complex has constant warm water, so we are still a little puzzled. this morning i actually was able to take my first warm shower and it was heavenly.

on the other hand, the tap water is absolutely amazingly refreshing. in california, san diego especially, i can’t stand the taste of water from the tap. but here, it is just as amazing as any filtered or bottled water. and as stated above, it’s ice cold. it’s been a dream. i bought one water bottle on my first day of class and i’ve been able to refill it as much as needed from the comfort of my own sink. i know it seems silly, but every time i refill my water bottle i get a little giddy.

and a little water related side note: i do not mind the rain (or at least not yet). i have always had a strange admiration for the rain and romanticized the effects of rain. it has only rained heavily once, otherwise it’s simply sprinkled here and there.

i hope wherever you all are, that you take advantage of your warm showers and please enjoy an extra minute or two in the hot water for me.

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a warm shower every once in awhile, you’re lucky enough



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