dang you jet lag…

i was certain i had beat it. ever since arriving in ireland, i’ve been go, go, go. but yesterday, as our first day of classes approached, jet lag hit. i was so exhausted at school that i could barely keep my eyes open. i felt like a walking zombie. i rushed home after my last class and took a nap. i planned to stay in for the night, paint my nails, and just relax. but… plan foiled. monday night is apparently one of the biggest nights for the irish.

it’s a strange thing, but the irish go out all week and go home on the weekends. it’s definitely different than how american college students work. but it should be an interesting change. and this way, us americans can travel on the weekends without feeling as though we’re missing out on galway life.

but now, i’m just trying to catch up on sleep and prepare for the rest of the week. it’s been a great few days and i’m having an amazing time. and i don’t feel guilty for laying low today because i have 5 months to live it up here. 1 or 2 days out of the 5 months isn’t too bad to be too exhausted to move.

if you’re lucky enough to have something to do every night, you’re lucky enough



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