galway girl

i am officially a galway girl. it’s actually fbo as well (facebook official). i changed my current city to galway, ireland and let me tell you, that was exciting. i’ve been in ireland now for 2 days and thus far, i’m in heaven.

yesterday i met up with my group through api (academic programs international) at the shannon airport and we all took a bus ride to galway. i was luckily feeling pretty good in terms of jet lag, but i could tell everyone else was struggling. the entire bus was silent within 5 minutes and everybody was snoozin’ with heads either tipped back and mouths open or passed out on top of their bags.

we arrived at our apartments, set our luggage down, had a quick meeting with the complex manager, and then headed straight for dunnes. now if you know anything about galway (maybe ireland as a whole, i’m not positive) you know that dunnes is the place to go. it is essentially the equivelant of the usa’s target or walmart. we picked up a few essentials such as sheets, duvet covers, ethernet cords (sadly no wifi here) and toilet paper.

my roommates, no flatmates are great. i’m sharing a room with lucy. she’s fabulous and has a blog as well! across the hall we have rachel and lauren. all three of the girls are from the east coast. in fact, most u.s. students that i have met are from the east coast, some from the midwest. i’ve only talked to one other girl from california.

and today we had our international student orientation at the university. we are attending the national university of ireland, galway or nuig as it is called. the orientation was fun. all of the speakers were really funny and very welcoming. we then had a tour of the campus by a strapping young irish man (he was everyone’s first crush the lucky guy).

and tonight we are off to an api sponsored dinner and then hitting up some of the pubs. it should be good “craic.” craic meaning good time, fun, a fun only the irish can have.

weather wise i’m hurting a bit. but i seem to be the only one who thinks its really cold. but i will be fine. i think i prefer the cold than the heat anyways, it’s just much much chillier than what i’m use to in california. but life is good and i’m having a great time.

as the irish love to say, cheers.

if you’re lucky enough to be in galway, you’re lucky enough


7 thoughts on “galway girl

  1. Wow! Everything that you write about on your blog sound amazing! Im glad your having a wonderful time and dont forget to keep us updated! -Vic

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