what i wore… plane ride to ireland

when: jan. 3 2011

where: plane ride from san francisco to shannon, ireland

black sweater: ny & company
black leggings: target
boots: hunter
scarf: nordstrom

why: plane rides are uncomfortable. i can’t sit still for very long, let alone in a teeny tiny seat. so i tried to dress in a way that would maximize comfort. i wore leggings and a long sweater so that i looked like i was dressed for the public but felt like i was in pajamas.

and that cashmere scarf, yumm. it’s like wearing a baby blanket around your neck but without eyes of judgment following  your every move. i wore my hunter boots because i really wanted to bring them to ireland but they are just so gosh darn big, i knew the only way i could bring them was to wear them. i also wore (not pictured) my big pea coat for the same reason.

anyone else have any travel in style and comfort tips?

if you’re lucky enough to feel comfortable flying, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “what i wore… plane ride to ireland

  1. I always bring big comfy socks to put on on the plane! That way I don’t have to wear the bulky shoes for the whole flight and my feet stay warm! Its also nice to the other passengers so they don’t have to smell stinky feet when the shoes come off… though my feet don’t smell of course.


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