what’s in my bags?

106lbs of stuff. thank you delta check-in agent! when i put my suitcases on the scale at the sfo airport, each of them came in at 53lbs exactly—mind you, there is a 50lb limit unless you want to fork over your first born to the airline. well she just continued on her merry way and didn’t say a thing. and for that, i am so grateful! (i spoke with another gal on the same flight as me who had one suitcase which weighed 60lbs and she paid $90. insanity! i am so lucky)

now if i literally posted a list of everything i brought with me, you would be
1. bored and 2. boreder. so i’ll do a mini summarization for you starting with what i believe to be the most intersting…

shoes are my ultimate weakness. i know that many people will think this is a large load of shoes.. but remember i wore one pair on the plane (the big hunter rain boots) and it’s tough packing for cold weather because everything needed for the cold is bigger. for example: boots. as of right now, i’m happy with what i’ve packed. i’ll keep you updated as to whether or not i needed every pair of shoes that have accompanied me overseas. and, for the record, i took out two extra pairs of boots that i was delusionally dreaming i could fit as well.

but my suitcases didn’t total at 106lbs without a little help.


  • 1 pair of black jeans
  • 2 pairs of nice, darkwash denim
  • 1 pair of jeans that i don’t care about for any hiking, excursions
  • 8 pairs of leggings (don’t judge, i love leggings and i ruin them often either by snagging them on boots or by wearing them thin)
  • a few dresses
  • a black skirt
  • a trench coat
  • a leather jacket
  • black northface jacket
  • a handful of cardigans
  • a handful of t-shirts, both long and short sleved
  • maybe 3 pretty, brightly colored blouses
  • and intimates of course


  • toothbrush
  • mini shampoo and conditioner just to get by until i can buy normal sized bottles
  • mini face was, again just to get by
  • face moisturizer
  • nail polish remover
  • nail polish
  • nail file
  • makeup bag


  • an anthrop0logie candle–everyone i spoke with mentioned bringing photographs or something to make your time away feel more comfortable. now i have photos on my computer, on facebook, here on ze blog, and on my ipod, so i didn’t feel i needed any framed photos. so i decided what really makes me feel the absolute best are candles. and nobody makes candles like anthro.
  • adapters– thank you mom and dad for donating to my cause.

now that i look at this list and my perfectly plump suitcases, i am happy. but let me tell you, the process there was painful. i’ve been a bit of a gypsy this year, moving 4 times in 2010. so you’d think i’ve mastered packing right? wrong. in fact i am probably worse just because now i dread it so badly.


but, i try and tell myself, “self, you are pretty lucky that you get the opportunity to pack up over and over. think about the people that never have a reason to pack? never have a reason to move?” then i nod, agree with myself and try and hate it a little bit less.

if you’re lucky enough to get through with an extra 6lbs and no charge, you’re lucky enough



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