and i’ve arrived

hello ireland– i made it! my journey here was fairly uneventful, which when traveling is fine by me. i left my house yesterday (jan. 3 just so we are all on the same page) at 5.30am and got to the san francisco airport at about 6.30am give or take a few minutes. my dad was a gentleman and actually parked and walked me all the way in. we both stood in line and held our breath while my plump suitcases were weighed. success! we hugged goodbye and i stood in line for security. he stayed the whole time i was in line and finally waved goodbye when i was headed toward my gate. as i was walking away he sent me a great text: remember a guinness a day is good for you.

i felt especially proud as i waited for my plane thinking about how much i’ve changed in just a few years.

when i was saying goodbye to my parents as i moved into the dorms freshman year at san diego state university, i was a mess. i cried and they cried. i was angry at myself for not utilizing my acceptance to uc davis or going to any of the great schools in san francisco, all which were much closer to home. it only took me a few days to get out of that funk, but it wasn’t fun.

but, as of right now, i’m content. no, i’m happy. i traveled from san francisco to new york by myself. i entertained myself for several hours before my flight left for shannon, ireland. i chatted with the gal sitting next to me for awhile, got my people fix, and then slept on and off. and when i landed, i made it through customs fairly easy. (mom, i’m glad you asked if i had all my papers together. they were annoyed with people who had to dig–thanks). and i got a cab, learned a few lessons from the driver.. “eat a big lunch, this hotel will charge you double for the same meal at diner time. it’s crazy, same food but different time of the day.” and then i checked into my hotel and just relaxed. i slept for a few hours, then went down to the hotel’s pub for a little bit of food.

i am currently sitting in the lobby of the quaint little hotel, oakwood arms in shannon, ireland, utilizing their free wifi.

i’m meeting with my group from academic programs international tomorrow at noon, back at the airport. i’m really pleased with the fact that i arrived a day early. i feel like i get a jump start to defeating jet lag. i’m hopefully going to be well rested and ready for tomorrow.

so cheers everyone, no matter where you are in the world, whether you’re at home or in a new place, cheers to a great year. i’m looking forward to the adventures that lay before me and i hope you are too.

if you’re lucky enough to be in ireland, you’re lucky enough


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