tomorrow is a new day…

tomorrow is the day. well actually, in about 6 hours it’s the day. i’m flying out of san francisco and headed out of my house at 5.30am. i’m FINALLY packed. i’ve got 2 bags that are teetering on the scale at about (cross your fingers) 50lbs. i threw my hands up long ago and decided the extra $50 was worth it to bring the second bag. and my carry-on is for the most part packed.

i’m planning to post a detailed list of what i packed, what’s in my carry-on, and many more details but since i’ll be bored in airports and on airplanes for hours tomorrow… i think tonight i’m just going to enjoy my last hour or two with my mom.

i’m a little weirded out by myself and how calm and not anxious i am. but i suppose when you’ve been planning, waiting, and dreaming of doing something for a long time, it feels normal when it actually happens. but if i do get anxious tomorrow, or on the plane, or when i’m actually in ireland, that’s okay too.

if you’re lucky enough to study abroad, you’re lucky enough



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