2011 i have big expectations for you

happy new year everyone! i hope your evenings were spent with great friends and great times.

mine was pretty low-key. i spent it with two of my best friends, shelby and jenna. it’s funny how much our going out routine and our nights are changing as we get older. shelby has a little 4 month old baby, baby caleb. so as we got ready we had to make sure she pumped. we also had to make sure she could enjoy a glass or two of champagne but that she didn’t get too tipsy. but in all honesty, it’s a fun change. baby c is completely worth it.

we went to a few parties but where ever i found myself, i just gravitated towards my two best girls. it was fun to see old faces and catch up with friends, but really all that we cared about was spending time with one another.

there was only one tiny mishap when i fell. eek. but i blame the rain, high heels, and walking downhill. it was so dark i couldn’t see the damage, so i kept taking pictures just so the flash would allow me to see what happened. and the result… torn tights (sad) and a lil bit of blood.

and now, day 1 in 2011, 2 days away from ireland, i’m getting last minute things together. i’m going to put up a full post detailing what i’m packing, what i’m wearing on the plane, and some travel tips that i’ve accumulated over the past few weeks.

happy new year everyone. cheers to a great, exciting, adventure filled 2011!

if you’re lucky enough to be able to celebrate new years, you’re lucky enough



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