life is goodly

i spent the past few days celebrating in excess. i ate too much. i drank too much. and i laughed too much. i had one of the best vacations i have had in quite awhile.

my cousins, sister, parents, aunts, uncles and i ate food like it was going out of style and we drank wine and red beer as if we’d never get a chance again. and our uncles took turns spending the nights cooking oysters and deer meat over the grill and feeding our happily tipsy munchies every night.

this holiday wasn’t traditional in any sense. most of my family didn’t even get together until dec. 26. but regardless, it was an amazing christmas. we played our infamous white elephant game on the night of the 26th and i walked away, no skipped happily away, with a $50 bill. i was also extremely pleased that my present–a black coach clutch and coach scarf– was stolen several times during the game.

coming fresh from a year of pure work and feeling like a happy workaholic, it felt amazing to be brought back to what’s important. family, friends, and a good glass of wine.

now, i’m going to bed. i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. i’m packing my bags, hitting up my san diego storage unit, and driving 8 hours by myself back to my parents home in northern california. and then, i only have 5 days until i leave for IRELAND. oiy.

i normally end each post with my lucky enough saying, but after an award winningly awesome couple of days with the family, i think i’ll end it with my grandpa’s catch phrase…

life is goodly



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