have i mentioned i like to procrastinate?

the lil procrastination devil has struck me before and it just so happens to have struck me again!

as i was sitting, packing, and cleaning, i somehow ended up looking through my history of text messages. and i found something that was too hilarious not to share. over the the past few days spent in arizona, my cousin eric didn’t have a phone (he broke it the night before flying to arizona). so clearly being the sweetheart/ best cousin ever, i pretty much gave him free access to mine.

at ONE point, i got a text message and eric was holding my phone. i asked him to reply and try to “sound” like me. bad idea. he ended up texting quite a few different messages that went a little something like this:

fake lizzie: hey hey girl! love you and was wondering if we could get you to bring us some coors light on your way back?! i have monies i can give! xoxoxoxoxo

fake lizzie: awesome bowesome kar-bar! garsh you are the just the besty best cousin ever! when can we expect you back?????? kisses!

fake lizzie: you know it girlfriend! ;-) xoxoxooxox ps. need my wine partner (you!) ;-)

fake lizzie: hey hey sista cuz! passed along the message fo shure! miss you kisses and cuddles!

fake lizzie: you be here soon cousin friend love?

fake lizzie: oooooooo! it will be oh so oodles and oodles of goody fun!

and you know what? nobody even questioned if it was me texting.

these gave me a good laugh and i just had to share. but now, back to my packing duties. so long san diego! i’ll miss you.

if you’re lucky enough to be great friends with your cousins, you’re lucky enough



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