as i am often asked the same questions by friends and family both on and off ze blog, i decided i’d help everyone out by answering a few frequently asked questions.

so starting with the most basic…

q: when are you leaving for ireland?

a: well let me explain…

  • i’m leaving san diego tomorrow (christmas eve, dec. 24) and spending christmas with family in arizona
  • i’m flying out of san francisco on jan. 3
  • i arrive in ireland on jan. 4 (after only one delay in new york–yay!)
  • i actually am spending one day alone in ireland and meeting up with my group on jan. 5

q: are you nervous to be away from your family for that long?

a: i honestly, and unfortunately, do not get to see my family very often as it is. my sister goes to school in australia (she’s studying to be a veterinarian). my brother is in the military, his family is stationed in tennessee and he is currently deployed in afghanistan. my parents live in northern california. and even though we live in the same state, this past year i only saw them 3 times for only a few days each visit. and then my fabulous extended family is spread out as well throughout different states in the us. SO long story short, i feel fairly used to spending very little time with my family and i’ve grown accustomed to loving them from a distance. i am sure that it will be harder being EXTRA far away and i am sure i’ll be sad at times, but i know that i can manage and it is near the bottom of my list of worries.

if you’re lucky enough to be asked questions about your life, you’re lucky enough


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