when one door closes…

lizzie will flood the area with tears. i officially saw my hotel, my coworkers, my great friends for the last time last night. it had been a few draawwwnn out days of what i thought were goodbyes and it was emotionally draining on my poor little heart.

  • saturday was my last official day working, the last time i was at the front desk.
  • sunday was our holiday party, and the night i thought would be the last time i saw a lot of faces
  • monday was my official last day according to hr. i ended up having to go in to sign paperwork, pick up my last check, and turn in my bank
  • then tuesday was the end of the year front office meeting. and i was not planning on attending: i had a dentist appointment, my parents were flying into san diego, and i NEEDED to pack.. but my boss guilted me into going. and i’m glad. oiy i mean my EX boss. so sad.

so this post goes out to my amazing coworkers, my extraordinary boss, and an amazing hotel in general. i tried telling them last night that i felt so lucky to be SO SAD to leave my job. i cannot imagine that many people my age who are quitting their job to travel throughout europe and study abroad shed a single tear. but here i was fighting tears all night. (and for the record, i think only a few people saw the tears actually fall. i tried to save most of them until i was alone.)

i’m not sad that i’m studying abroad and i do not for one second regret my decision. in fact, i’m over the moon excited. but it’s the end of one chapter of my life, the end of a GREAT year. i learned more about myself this year and more about my abilities, my strengths, and my weaknesses than i ever have before. and i met some of the greatest people by working at this hotel. i love you all and i will miss you dearly. but the best part is, the part that i need to keep reminding myself is, i know that it’s not really GOODBYE, it’s see ya later!

if you’re lucky enough to love your job so much it hurts when you leave, you’re lucky enough



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