ireland are you making a surprise visit to san diego?

time for a weekend recap? i think so. i had the best past few days spent with great friends celebrating two holiday parties.

the first was thrown by my roommates and me: an ugly sweater/ onesie party. the past few times i have been with my nephews, i made it very clear that i was jealous of their comfy onesies. and so what did they get me for an early christmas gift? a ONESIE! when i wore it everyday for the next week, my roommates and i became inspired. and that is how our holiday party was created.

and of course my work holiday party. it was bittersweet. it was beautifully decorated and a ton of fun, but also the last time i would see a lot of faces. i spent the past year essentially living at this hotel, working at least 5 days a week many times more during the summer. but my boss won manager of the year and so there was really no time for any thing but celebrating.

and now i’m sitting in my half packed up bedroom, listening to the rain POUR outside. it has been raining like crazy the past few days here in san diego. and while yes i know i am about to move to rain country, the weather has been putting a few serious wrenches in my plans.

i am in the process of moving out… a task that is not easy in the rain. EVERYTHING of mine has been getting soaked and because i dont want my storage unit to reek of mold when i get back, i finally gave up and left half of my stuff in my room and half of my stuff in my car. so now, i am reading, making a shopping list, and finding a million other things that need to be done.

my life is about to change so much and as much as i want to prepare and make a million lists, i think i just need to let it happen. so here is to relaxing and letting life happen.

if you’re lucky enough to be excited for your future, you’re lucky enough


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