ireland, i’m ready to talk to you!

an irish sim card! my dad, whose company conveniently works in both the us and ireland, helped me navigate the world of irish cell phones. as i mentioned before, a little tiny part of my loyal apple soul is going to die as i part ways with my iphone… but i do believe it’ll be worth it. i’m going with a prepaid phone plan so that i don’t rack up an insane bill without knowing it. i’m going to get to chose how many minutes and texts i want to pay for and once that’s used up i’ll either a. pay more or b. communicate less.

ah! it’s all becoming so real. first step buying irish sim card, second step talking and texting IN ireland. EXACTLY three weeks and i’ll be in ireland. oiy vey.

thanks dad. your help is very much appreciated!

if you’re lucky enough to have a helpful dad, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “ireland, i’m ready to talk to you!

  1. oh, my lizzie – enjoyed your blog and cannot wait to see you and hang. so you will be leaving for Ireland Jan. 3? you busy girl….see ya soon girl –


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