procrastination strikes again!

this week is major crunch time for me. it’s my last week of both school and work. i need to ace my last three finals and finish christmas cards and gifts for my coworkers and boss. it’s ironic that this week, of all weeks, our hotel is pretty busy and i’m working every day that i don’t have school. but i like to think that i strive under stress, so here’s to a hectic week!

but now, rather than studying, i’ve spent the past 45 minutes uploading photos from my recent weekend with my sister-in-law and nephews. i love the holidays so much because cookie making, arts and crafts, and being surrounded by family is completely normal.

whitney, my sis-in-law, helped me (meaning she did everything and me and the boys watched) make wonderful oatmeal cream pie cookies for some of my coworkers. lil connor spent some time looking adorable and playing with toys. and logan helped me with my specialty cookie — premade cookie dough that you just pop into the oven.

later, whitney had logan do an arts and craft project to give to my brother for christmas. and i continued to take pictures of their precious faces. it’s crazy how these little tiny boys have me completely wrapped around their chubby fingers. these photos just melt my heart and make my worries and stresses in life feel so minimal.

so thank you nephews for a little dash of motivation. now off to tackle my crazy week… step one: get off the blog. step two: log off of facebook. step three: do work!

if you’re lucky enough to have nephews, you’re lucky enough


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