these are a few of my favorite things…

these are a few of my favorite things that i know i am going to miss oh so much when i’m traveling through europe. i decided that i’ll mourn my losses now rather than waste time being sad while i’m overseas. so this is my little goodbye to some of my most beloved, my most american possessions and habits.

  1. my iphone. oh my iphone. since i met your very first addition, it has been love. because of you: i have become more productive. i have become a master of my email inbox. i have become connected to the fabulous world around me. and i have become dependent on your abundant capabilities. my dad and i are currently researching if there is anyway i can use you while overseas and set up an irish sim card, but the outcome isn’t looking good for us.
  2. my zip zappin’ prius! i love you preepree. i’ll miss drivin’ your savy self and hope that my dad treats you well while i’m away.
  3. my bed. my frames. my candles. my drapes. thank you for making my room always feel like home. as i’ve moved 3 times in the past 6 months, i appreciate your ability to make home always follow me.
  4. uggs. my main squeeze of comfort. as of right now, you’ve been x’ed from my packing list. you’re just a wee bit too bulky and a wee bit impractical for my travels. but i love ya just the same and my feet will be missing you!
  5. tv shows. grey’s. private practice. desperate housewives. 30 rock. the office. snl. modern family. keeping up with the kardashians. teen mom. all my guilty, guilty pleasures. i will miss keeping up with you and following you like you were my own life.

yes it’s a shame we must part ways for awhile.. but i know this is what is best for both of us. well… definitely best for me. thank you for being so loyal throughout the years, and i hope someday our paths will cross one another once again and we can rekindle the love we once shared. xoxo.

if you’re lucky enough to have beloved possessions, you’re lucky enough


8 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite things…

  1. Travel tip little sis: wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. You can take them off for your flight and stow them under the seat easily. I usually bring big comfy socks in my carry on to wear during the flight anyways, so the shoes I wear on and off the plane dont matter.
    I wear my chunky farm boots on the plane when ever I swap countries!

    • thanks sister. i always knew you’d be great to have around. i’ll probably end up wearing my big bulky hunter rainboots on the plane because they’re huge but a necessity in ireland. see you soon!

      p.s. i have some requests for some of your christmas crafts if you have time!

  2. Lizzie, having gone to Ireland in February – my memory of it is this: It is the coldest I have EVER been in my LIFE. One day we went up into the Wicklow mountains, and the wind coming off of the mountains was….well, it’s one of the few times in life cold has taken my breath away – and I have spent my entire life in Michigan and Cleveland.

    I wore my rain boots only on one day, and it rained on and off every day we were there, but not downpour rain. It’s just pesky rain more then anything. My UGGS were worn the other six days of the trip. Do what you think is best, but I would not move there without the warmest boots I own. (I waterproofed them right before we left.)

    My unsolicited advice would be to pack or wear your warmest, most expensive boots, and buy the cheaper boots when you get there.

    Best to you! You are going to have a ball, no matter what you’ve got on your feet. :)

    • hmm thanks for the advice terri. i so badly wanted to bring my uggs, i just can’t picture myself wanting to wear them much outside of my apartment, so i feel like they are a big item to bring just to wear inside. but, your advice may just mean that my uggs are back on the potential packing list :)

      any and all suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated!

    • yes i’m SO excited! i don’t have a physical travel journal yet no. i was planning on using this bad boy as my virtual journal. do you recommend buying an actual journal as well?

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