goals that are not written down are just wishes

i received a fun email yesterday: my online orientation through api is available!

i am one of those people. the people that love to read every bit of information top to bottom, start to finish, and sometimes even finish back to start. unfortunately, after only reading a few pages my toolbox stopped working.. annoying… but i did get at least one good idea out of the orientation so far– writing down my goals.

and there really isn’t a better place to put them than here.

  1. have fun
  2. make amazing friends
  3. network with hotel professionals in ireland and stay for the summer and work
  4. learn more about myself
  5. become more independent
  6. gain more self confidence
  7. focus on the positive
  8. take photos of everything and everyone
  9. make magical memories
  10. have MORE fun!

oh study abroad, i haven’t even met you yet and i’m already in love.

if you’re lucky enough to study abroad, you’re lucky enough



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