one short month away from a new year, and a new life

in exactly one month, to the day, i am flying to ireland. i’ve spent so much time day dreaming, hoping, saving, and talking about studying abroad in ireland that i can’t believe the time is actually drawing near.

i’ve got a month to pack up my life, say goodbye to my san diego loves, enjoy a bit of time with my family, and stop by and see my long lost darlings in northern california. it’s far too easy for me to stress about money, time, and to do lists. but when i look at the calendar and the amount of time separating me from a brand new, once in a lifetime experience, i can’t help but smile and think hakuna matata.

my goal is to do as timon and pumbaa say, and have no worries, for the rest of my days. i’ve got a short month left in the usa and gosh darnnit i’m going to try my hardest to not spend one minute of it stressed or grumpy.

if you’re lucky enough to be excited for your future, you’re lucky enough



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