just do it!

i went to europe for my first time after graduating high school with my family and one of my best friends, didi. and i was bitten by the travel bug, and bitten badly. we visited england, ireland, and germany over about 2 weeks.

therefore, i knew i was going to study abroad even before i started college. i remember whining to my roommates our very first semester about how i wanted to go anywhere, just go somewhere, see something– the anywhere-but-here type of syndrome. i calmed down a little bit, enjoyed what was around me, got an amazing job, and created a life here in san diego. but now, i’m feeling that same, whiny NEED to get away. but i’d say this is a much more appropriate time to have that need.

when i tell other students i am studying abroad, i usually get a pretty similar reaction. “how fun!” “i’m jealous” “that’s awesome, this is the perfect time to travel” “how much work is it?” “wow, i could never” while yes, i agree it is fun, i don’t agree that you’d never be able to or that you should be jealous, because you too can study abroad.

major concerns:

  • money
    1. oh money, you little devil you. studying abroad doesn’t HAVE to be a huge money suck.
    2. i chose for it to be, because i chose to go through an independent program, academic programs international but i’m happy with this decision! the program rocks
    3. however, exchange programs are basically an even trade, you pay your usual tuition and swap with a student at another university who pays their usual tuition
    4. scholarships are a dream! i’ve applied for a few and am still waiting for word back
    5. and you can always do what i did, work full time for a year and SAVE SAVE SAVE!
  • getting behind in school
    1. i personally took a ton of ap classes in high school and came into college with enough credits to be a sophomore (or 2nd year)
    2. i also took summer school classes
    3. i prepared myself to have the option to go abroad and not worry if i got credit for a single class
    4. and really, everybody is taking about 5ish years to graduate nowadays anyways, so i completely support your decision to take longer in school and spend sometime abroad!
  • the work it takes to actually study abroad
    1. the process to study abroad can seem a little tiresome. you have to research. you have to plan. you have to get a trillion and one signatures from all different people. it is work, but it is worth it. there are several different options and the best place to start looking is at your university’s study abroad website and/or office.

so just do it! if you want it enough, you can make it happen. excuses are exactly that, excuses. if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to let me help!

if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to go overseas, you’re lucky enough


3 thoughts on “just do it!

  1. You go. I love that you know what you want in life and have the *balls* to go after it. Don’t ever lose those two things, they are so unique (knowing yourself and the courage to pursue your dreams.) You will go far.


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