criticism… i’ve got a bone to pick with you…

i don’t care much for you. you are hard to spell. you make me feel uncomfortable. i get nervous when i have to dish you out. i get a stomach ache when i have to hear you. but boy, you have been hanging around me a lot lately.

i’ve been a bit of a stress ball, going from high ups (take last post as an example) and sharp downs. preparing to move to another country, preparing for finals, and finding hours during the slowest time of the year for san diego hotels is no easy feat. and i think i may finally understand a teensy bit why the holidays always stress out my mom. so yes, i need to hear when i’m actin’ a fool. but no, i don’t like it. i know, i know- you will help me grow as a person and i thank you for that. but still, let’s make our interactions shorter and further in between.

you’ve also been sneaking your lovely self into my life on other occasions lately. i’ve come to realize that whenever we make a big decision about life, whether it be where we want to go to college, what we want to do, where we want to live, what we believe in, who we love, ect. that people are going to have an opinion. people are going to feel the need to invite you, good ol’ criticism,  into our lives. and i am a-okay with that, when i’m asking to hear you, when you agree with me, or when i am so confident that i could care less. i’m excited for my future, i think i’m going to have a record-breakingly awesome year in 2011, and my crazy decisions are mine. the people that matter the most will always back me up in the end, so really, what else can i ask for?

i have spent an hour moping, an hour watching the hilarious show modern family, and 20 minutes reading inspirational quotes and now i feel pretty dandy. so i bid you adieu criticism, from now on i think i will spend my time with advice.

criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. -aristotle



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