hello black friday sales, hello credit card bills

this was my first thanksgiving spent with just friends, no family. but it was actually really fun. at work, the f&b director told us each to sneak to the fabulous thanksgiving buffet and steal a plate. it made my night. then all of us girls decided we were going to partake in the shopping madness that is black friday.

and it was a success! we went to the las americas outlets after work. i found an amazing deal on an amazing trench coat at michael kors! happiness. i found a cute present for my family’s white elephant party. yes! and i got a bag from coach that i may use as my carry-on instead of the bric’s usa bag that i bought off of zappos.

now i’m exhausted and thankful that i have the day off. and as i count the receipts from my shopping palooza, i think this article on 10 ways to save money while studying abroad may come in very handy.

if you’re lucky enough to have friends to enjoy thanksgiving with, you’re lucky enough



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