don’t forget about me!

a main focus of our studies at the hospitality and tourism management school at sdsu is defining strong leadership and developing ourselves into effective leaders. a key component in self development is understanding who you are, what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at. i love this stuff. i love self-help books. i love patting myself on the back for my strengths and i love motivating myself to change my weaknesses.

in one our main introduction classes we all took the print personality assessment. this test assigns you a major and a minor number based on your answers to a long, detailed survey. i don’t believe in psychics, ghosts, palm reading, spirits, or much of anything that i can’t see.. but this test was crazy accurate and described my personality perfectly. i am a 7, 4.

  • 7 indicates that my main goal in life is to have fun- true.
  • 4 indicates that i need to feel special- way too true.

and why am i mumbling on about all of this? because, yet again, my need to feel special has reared it’s lovely horn. the front office of my hotel is made up of pretty unique, pretty crazy people. and i think i hold my own special “lizzie crazy” personality there. i can’t help but think that i am going to be either a. replaced or b. forgotten when i leave for ireland. now i don’t know which of the two is scarier, i just know that i don’t want either to happen. while in my practical mind i know this is absurd (i AM irreplaceable right beyonce?) but in my “4” mind i have come up with a plan to ensure that i will be remembered gosh darn it!

part 1: be really funny for the next month. check. have fun. check. try hard. check.

part 2: give my boss a really funny christmas/thank you/goodbye gift. and my ideas so far are as follows:

  1. because it’s so funny and so irish
  2. because when i first told my boss i was officially leaving for ireland, he kept making jokes about me in a kilt
  3. even though it has nothing to do with ireland… it is just so darn funny

but a coffee mug for a boss isn’t too original. so i’m still searching….suggestions are welcome and appreciated

coffee mugs available here

if you’re lucky enough to want to be remembered, you’re lucky enough



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