t-minus 44 days

and i will be flying off to ireland. so soon! there is still so much to do. i have to get through finals. blerg. finish working, dec. 19 being my last day. sad. and celebrate christmas. yay!

and of course, pack up my  san diego life, put it in storage, and bring only two suitcases with me back to the bay area before flying off. i’m going from a whole lot of security… a full time job that pays well, a set school schedule, and a familiar city to a whole ton of insecurity. no job, no income, no idea how the school system works, and not an ounce of familiarity with galway. but the really great news is… i can’t wait!

just looking at a photo of the national university of galway takes all my worries away…it’s not just a university, it looks like a friggin’ castle!these next few months will be good for me. i’m hoping to meet some awesome people, make great friends, and learn a life lesson or two. and of course enjoy my share of pints, wear my rain boots daily, and see cobblestone at every corner.



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