sorry pilgrims, HELLO santa claus!

i am not the biggest fan of thanksgiving. yet every year i tell my friends and family “think about the pilgrims, think about their feelings!” when they begin to celebrate christmas before thanksgiving has even passed. 

but this year, i’m working on thanksgiving and quite honestly… i’m just too darn excited for christmas to “think about the pilgrims.” i’m so excited to get to spend time with my family and relax for 2 weeks before flying to ireland. and i’m excited for presents! no, not to receive them, but to give them.

i really pride myself on my gift giving abilities. and that’s what the holiday season is suppose to be about right? giving? but i have a few tricksters on my plate this year….

my 2 year old nephew. now i know, this should be easy- a toy. but i want to IMPRESS. i am about to leave the country for ___ months and i want him to remember his cool aunt lizzie while i’m away.


toy story, toy story 2, and toy story 3… but is he old enough to appreciate the genius that is toy story?




my 6 month old nephew. yes yes, this sounds crazy…but i want to IMPRESS this lil guy even more because it would take a PHENOMENAL present for someone so teeny tiny to remember me.







my mom. she’s the “i have everything i could ever need already” type. but really, who goes without giving their mom a present for christmas. i texted my dad for help and our conversation went a little something like this:

  • lizzie: what should i get your woman for christmas?
  • dad: time with her youngest daughter is all a mother could ever ask for
  • lizzie: haha okay but i’m giving you full credit for this present if she’s upset
  • dad:

he didn’t reply. meaning, he was sitting by his phone thinking “uh-oh” and trying to come up with an idea as to what i could get her. and he couldn’t think of anything. then he forgot, and my text went unanswered. (or at least that’s how i think it all happened)

and of course, my family’s white elephant present. this is one of the main highlights of my christmas season. my huge extended family plays white elephant on christmas eve (if you have never played before, google it! it’s UHMAZING fun) and the presents are usually really cool. sometimes people will hide money in complicated puzzels or tape money inside a lame looking gift. but since i’m not ms. money bags at the moment, i’m hoping to get something hilarious to contribute. but hilarious, appropriate for all ages, and something i wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring around family is turning out to be quite tricky…

luckily, i requested black friday off, my favorite part of thanksgiving, so hopefully i’ll find some good deals and fabulous presents!

if you’re lucky enough to have family to shop for, you’re lucky enough


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