i’d carry you any day…

i made an impulse purchase last night. i bought what i believe may end up being the best carry on bag EVER. now before you judge me, i had my eye on a beautiful michael kors duffel bag for over a month. and when i went back to purchase it last night, it was sold out. BIG disappointment. so i made the decision to stop hesitating and starting doing!

but thank you again zappos. they helped “recommend” another bag similar to the one i had my eye on. it was actually a bit cheaper and i believe after reading several reviews on several different websites, better quality. i am planning to use this bag as my carry on to ireland but also as my main bag used for shorter excursions while i’m abroad.

now with zappos free shipping both ways and insane discount on the bag, i have nothing to lose. if i love it, hurrary! and if it isn’t as fabulous and i’m dreaming it up to be, then i’ll send it back at no charge.

and in terms of packing…. how did i do in new york? i give myself an 80%. i think that i had less luggage than a lot of the girls on my trip, but i could’ve saved even more room.

  • i only wore 1 pair of the 2 pairs of jeans that i brought.
  • i only wore 3 of the 6 shirts that i brought.
  • i only wore the black pea coat that i wore on the plane and never wore my leather jacket.
  • however, i am proud to say that i wore every pair of shoes i packed.
  • and i actually wish that i had brought a sweatshirt to wear in the hotel room and to bed

for future shorter trips,  planning outfits for each day would definitely save room and time. the only challenge is that for people like me, i change my mind on what to wear several times in one day. but all in all, i’m pretty proud of my new york packing. now i just have to prepare to pack for not 5 days, but 6ish months.

if you’re lucky enough to be in love with your luggage, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “i’d carry you any day…

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