if you’re lucky enough to love your job, you’re lucky enough

i went to work today after 6 days off in a row-and it’s great to be back. i am so lucky. i work at the front desk of a beautiful resort in coronado, ca (a fun island in san diego county). the people i work with are nice, funny, a little bit crazy, and now are some of my closest friends.

a small group of some of us from the hotel

i was so tired and dreading going to work, but as soon as i go there, i pepped up and was ready for another day. it was so fun seeing everyone and i know 6 days doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you are use to seeing people every single day- 6 days is quite a while.

so tiny confession–now, i’m starting to get sad thinking about leaving my hotel to study abroad in ireland this january. i know it’ll be worth it and so fun, but i’m going to miss the hotel and everyone that i work with so much. if i was missing everyone after less than a week, how much am i going to miss everyone after x amount of MONTHS? eek.

i also had an embarrassing thought today… is it terrible that i loved being so busy while i was in new york primarily for the fact that i have oodles of shows to catch up with? i still have to watch gossip girl, grey’s anatomy, private practice, modern family, and so many more!

if these are my only worries in life, i am most definitely lucky enough.



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