i want to be a part of it – new york, new york

exhausted is an understatement. i am barely alive. the past few days in new york were amazing, inspiring, and draining. i flew out to new york early on thursday with a group of my fellow hospitality students. we spent the next few days exploring the amazing island that is manhattan, touring some exquisite hotels, and learning from accomplished industry professionals at the hotel motel and restaurant show. we flew back to san diego early tuesday morning. it was the perfect length for the trip. i feel like i saw and i did what i had hoped for, but san diego has never been as appealing as it was for me today.

1. friday night in an irish pub (lesson learned, do not pretend that you can drink jameson as well as the boys just because you are irish and going to ireland)

2. friday night with one of my favorite people, melissa, at the waldorf astoria hotel where ah&la hosted a fabulous mixer for us

3. sunday afternoon, absolutely beautiful weather, we visited the statue of liberty

4. friday night, empire state building. beautiful but windy and cold

5. sunday afternoon, me and some of the best girls, stopped at ellis island.

6. thursday night, we walked over 3 miles all around mahattan and treated ourselves to dangerously delicious desserts at serendipity.

new york is fabulous. i love how fast paced everything is and i love how everyone dresses. but it feels good to be home. until next year’s hotel motel and restaurant show, thank you new york for showing us san diego state university hospitality students a wonderful time.




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