oh me oh my….

…. i think i may have the prettiest bag in all the land! i stared at this bag for weeks in bloomingdales, i read reviews online over and over, and i finally got my new, my fabulous, my traveling companion:

thank you to zappos for both the photo above as well as amazing service.

i also purchased 2 samsonite suitcases yesterday. both 24 inches. i read fabulous reviews about the brand online and i found a major deal at tj maxx.  yes this means i have officially decided that i will be traveling with two checked bags to ireland. i think it’s necessary. all i really have left to figure out in terms of luggage is what i am going to use as my carry-on.

tomorrow i have class ALL day, from 8:15am-6:00pm. i am also meeting with brian blake in between classes to determine the likelihood of working in ireland this summer. wednesday i am working from 2:3opm-11:00pm and thursday morning i am flying to new york. somewhere in between, me and my roommate are planning to switch rooms. it’s a crazy life i lead, but i love it.

goal for tomorrow: finish my current to do list



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