if you’re lucky enough to be able to travel, you’re lucky enough

in the next few months i have quite a bit goin’ on…

in a week i am flying to new york to attend the hotel motel and restaurant show with a big group of fellow hospitality students (i am taking 4 days off at work but thank the high heavens for vacation pay)


me in central park last november, so BEAUTIFUL

over christmas time i am driving to arizona (a 6 hour drive from san diego, give or take an hour and a speeding ticket) to spend time with nearly all of my extended family! i am especially excited because 1. this is quite a rarity… we are all so spread out that it is so difficult for everyone to come together. and 2. last christmas i had to work. blerg. so i missed out on our ritual christmas eve festivities and our WHITE ELEPHANT game.

and of course, in the very beginning of january i am flying to ireland!

now all i need to do is figure out how to become an efficient packer in… t-6 days. new york will be a test run. but i’m mostly concerned about packing for ireland. oiy vey.

i’m doing a bit of research on good luggage, seeing as i don’t own any. and it is on my current to do list.

luggage goals:

  1. look nice
  2. cost very little
  3. be sturdy and reliable
  4. hold everything i need

i’ll return with my results soon.



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