cause i’m leavin’ on a jet plane

don’t know when i’ll be back again…

no really. in less than two months i am flying to ireland, spending one semester studying at the national university of galway, and then…. to be determined..

officially accepted into nui galway!

i have spent the last year working at least 40 hours, often times more, at a fabulous resort in coronado, ca and going to school full time in order to prepare for this.

i went to ireland for my first time after graduating high school, and i just got that feeling: that achy breaky heart feeling where you know you belong somewhere, that warm tingle in your fingers and toes where you know you have found another home. and really, who wouldn’t want to rush right back and have that feeling all over again?

and so now, finally, in early january i am packin’ my bags, taking a hiatus from work, and flying to a very much missed country across the sea. i plan to document my preparation, my travel, and my experiences from here on.


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